Note: Minor traffic violations (for example, speeding, unless otherwise noted, stop sign violations, seat belt violations, etc.) can be processed through the violations bureau at the clerk’s office. Information about the violations bureau of available on the yellow card that was perhaps given to you by a police officer, on the clerk’s website or by contacting the clerk’s office at (260) 724-5300, Extension 2110.

Infraction Deferral Program:

For more information, call the Prosecutor's Office at (260)724-5341 or access the online forms and information at

Payment of Traffic Tickets:

Infraction tickets may be paid as follow:  Acceptable forms of payment are cash, money order or credit card.  For an additional fee, credit card payments may be made online at or by calling 866-369-7671.   Payment may also be made in person or by mail to the Adams County Clerk’s Office, 112 S 2nd Street, Decatur, IN  46733.  

*NOTICE, any outstanding tickets issued prior to December 31, 2013, must be paid through Eagle Accounts
Telephone:  888-322-3245
7510 Madison Avenue
Indianapolis IN 46227