Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule  - Effective January 1, 2021

Recording Fees - NEW - Effective July 1, 2017

All documents received in the Record's Office after 4:00 pm  June 30th must contain new fees. Documents will be rejected after June 30th if they do not contain new fees. Documents that are received in the Recorder's Office before July 1st that contain new fees will be held and recorded on July 3rd.
  •  Mortgages (including Subordinate Mortgages) and     re-recorded mortgages 
    • $55.00 per document
  • Deeds and all other instruments, including re-recorded instruments (fee includes 1 oversize page) 
    • $25.00 per document
    •  additional pages exceeding 8 1/2" x 14" within any document shall be charged - $5.00 each  
  •     Mechanic's Lein (includes one mail out) - $25.00
    • Each additional mail out - $2.00
  • Copies 11" x 17" or smaller: $1.00 per page
  • Copies larger than 11" x 17": $5.00 per page
  • Certification of Document: $5.00
  •  Adams County DOES NOT accept multiple transaction documents (a/k/a blanket documents) 

Additional Services

  •  Uniform Commercial Code: UCC
    • UCC, (2 pages or less):     $6.00
    • UCC, (3 pages or more): $10.00
    • UCC, Continuation, amendment, or assignment             2 pages or less    $6.00                                                    3 pages or more $10.00
    • UCC Information Request per debtor name : $7.00 Each Additional Name : $5.00                                         

Should be in 10-pt type on white paper of at least 20lbs. weight (no permanently bound or continuous forms), and have margins of at least 2” on top and bottom of first and last pages with .5” margins on interior pages.


  Note: County Form 170 is no longer required as an additional page (HEA1114). Effective July 1, 2006, the affirmation statement in IC 36-2-7.5 must be on all documents notarized in the State of Indiana.

No legal advice or opinions will be given by the Recorder's Staff either in person or by telephone.