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All types of documents may be recorded through E-recording.
 with the exception of large plats and surveys.
You can search our recorded             documents online from 1990 to present. 
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 Adams County property owners have recently begun receiving a commercial offer through the mail to purchase copies of their deeds for an excessive fee.    
 The Adams County Recorder reminds property owners that deeds may be obtained directly from the County Recorder's Office for a fee of $1.00 per page. Often the cost of a deed is as little as $2.00.            


Recorder Functions


From the 2007 Guide to Indiana County Government
(Published by the Association of Indiana Counties)

The County Recorder's function is to maintain permanent public records involving a wide variety of instruments. These documents detail transactions involving real estate,  personal property, mortgages, liens, leases, subdivision plats, military discharges, personal bonds, etc. (IC 36-2-11-8) Generally, all of these instruments are recorded either for giving legal public notice of their existence or for safekeeping and future reference.

The recorder maintains and preserves all legal documents affecting title to real property. These records are the legal basis for determining ownership. The degree with which the recorder fulfills his or her responsibilities ultimately forms the legal foundation for the institution of private property.

The Recorder's Staff WILL NOT search public records or give any legal opinions. If you know the recording information, you may request a copy from our office. Otherwise, you may come in and use one of our public access computers.
 The Recorder's Office does not have the capability to look up by parcel number or street address. This may be done by the Assessor's Office or on the Adams County GIS system.


The recorder is a member of the county commission on public records, which has authority over the preservation or disposition of all public records maintained by the county. (IC 5-15-6). 


When a document is mailed or delivered to be recorded; a self-addressed - stamped envelope is required for return. The document is recorded, imaged into the computer, microfilm is created from the images, processed and proofed. The original document is mailed out on the next business day. 

Documents recorded 1990 forward on the computer can be accessed by name, document number, plat name, lot, section-township-range, index and type using our public access area. 

 Essential Recording Requirements

  • Acknowledgments: To entitle any conveyance, mortgage, or instrument of writing to be recorded
  • Legibility of Names: Typed or printed under each signature exactly as signed
  • Name of Person Preparing Instrument: Each document effecting real estate
  • Notarized Documents: Requires county residence of notary and commission expiration
  • Transfer of Deeds for Taxation: Endorsement by Assessor Auditor before recording
  • Release of Satisfaction of Liens: May be executed by the President, Vice-President, Cashier, Secretary, Treasurer, or General Manager

  • Document Types
    • Affidavits
    • Assignments
    • Articles of Incorporation
    • Assumed Business Name
    • Bonds
    • Cemetery Deeds
    • Deeds
    • Delinquent Sewer Liens
    • Easements
    • Federal Tax Liens
    • Mechanics Liens
    • Military Discharges
    • Miscellaneous Instruments
    • Mortgages
    • Plats
    • Powers of Attorney
    • Real Estate Contracts
    • Releases
    • Surveys
    • Trustee Elections
  • Files Uniform Commercial Code instruments
  • Supplies copies of any instrument and certifies to those recorded upon request (Fee charged)

 Doxpop is a website that is available for your use as well.  If the recording was from 1990 to present.

Military service discharges are not available to the general public.

Courtesy of the Indiana Recorders Association 

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NEW! Electronic Records

NEW! Electronic Records


 Simplifile and CSC

 Adams County is now ready to electronically record all  your
 documents thru e-recording . Documents transferring property will still be submitted to the Adams County Assessor and Auditor for endorsement prior to being recorded. We will still accept documents by mail as well. All checks for sales disclosure fees and transfer fees must be payable to Adams County Treasurer.

  • Sending your documents electronically for recording helps you save time and money.
  • Documents recorded in minutes
  • Avoid mailing costs, traffic, and wasted time
  • Eliminate check writing expenses
  • Increase effectiveness and efficiency
  • Shorten the recording gap

All instruments must meet recording form and legibility statues.