How do I obtain proof of service?

It is your responsibility to ensure that the other party receives a copy of your filings. If the other party does not appear for the hearing on your petition, the Court may not proceed unless it has proof that the other side received a copy of your petition. Please review the following methods for obtaining proof of service so that you can avoid a delay in your case. •Certified mail, return receipt requested: For a nominal fee, the mail carrier will take the papers to the door and have the other party sign a detachable card. This "return receipt" is then mailed back to the Clerk (address must be on the green card) after it is signed, and will serve as proof of service as long as it is signed by the other party and filed with the Clerk of Court. Effective July 1, 2015, the initial mailing will be sent to only one address for each party (maximum of two parties) and is paid out of the Court costs. After the initial mailing, or for each additional party, the person requesting service must provide the Clerk with •An envelope with sufficient postage affixed, addressed to the recipient with the Clerk’s address as the return address; •The USPS or other forms for certified mail. If return receipt is requested, the forms must be completed so that the Clerk gets the return receipt; •The USPS or other fee for appropriate service by certified mail and return receipt, if requested. •Personal service by Sheriff: You can pay a fee to the Clerk of Court for the Sheriff to deliver your paperwork to the other party. A proof of service form will be filled out by the person serving the paperwork, which will then be filed with the Clerk. The initial fee for Sheriff’s service is $28.00 and an additional one time post-judgment fee of $25.00 will be assessed for Sheriff’s service. •By publication: When all other methods fail, the Court may allow service to be made by publication. This involves announcing in the newspaper where the other party is likely living for a specific amount of time. Please review Indiana Rule of Trial Procedure 4.13 for information about Service by Publication.

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