Clerk's Office

About the Clerk
The Office of Clerk of the Circuit Court is established by the Indiana state Constitution to serve as the record keeper for the constitutionally created Circuit Court. The Clerk is elected by the residents of Adams County and is limited to serving 2 consecutive terms. The Clerk of the Circuit Court serves as Court Clerk and also as the Secretary to the County Election Board, which is responsible for conducting all elections in the county including the certification of results.

The Clerk serves as trustee of child support collections ordered by the court to be paid through the Clerk’s Office and also acts as the chief financial officer to the courts by collecting, disbursing, and reconciling monies related to court cases. The Clerk collects filing fees, court costs, and judgment monies in civil cases. In criminal and infraction cases, the Clerk collects fees and fines for city, county and state jurisdictions, deferral and pretrial diversion fees, bail bond monies, and restitution ordered by the court.

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