Building & Planning

The Adams County Building and Planning Department has jurisdiction over the rural areas of Adams County as well as the Towns of Geneva and Monroe.
  • We keep and maintain current flood zone maps
  • We keep records of new construction and remodels
  • We oversee processes relative to Plan Commission and BZA functions
Decisions are made by the Board of Zoning Appeals and the Plan Commission with reasonable regard to existing conditions, the character of buildings erected in each district, the most desirable use for which the land my be adapted and the conservation of property values throughout the unincorporated areas of the county and the town of Geneva and Monroe.

  • Inspect projects in all phases of construction to insure the State and Local Building codes are upheld and enforced
  • Issue Building permits for all new construction and remodel projects on both residential and commercial buildings
  • Issue electrical permits for any new electrical service or electrical upgrades
  • Issue Location permits for any new construction ensuring it is in compliance with zoning and flood map parameters
  • Issue new addresses
  • Make recommendations and implement actions to keep all ordinances and comprehensive plans current with State and Local Planning Laws and standards
  • Schedule and hold Public Hearings relative to the enforcement of said ordinances
The Planning Department’s function is to shape the orderly development of Adams County and the towns of Geneva and Monroe in order that adequate light, air, convenience of access, and safety from fire, flood, and other danger may be secured:
  • That congestion in the public streets may be lessened or avoided
  • That the public health, safety, comfort, morals, convenience, and general welfare of the people may be promoted