Preschool 3

Ages: 4 & 5

Must pass preschool 2 before enrolling in this class. Preschool level 3 will help children start to gain basic  swimming  propulsive skills to be comfortable in and around water: Enter water by jumping in; fully submerge and hold breath; bobbing; front; jellyfish, float; recover from a front or back float or glide to a vertical position; back float and glide; change direction of travel while swimming on front or back; tread water using arm and leg actions; combined arm and leg actions on front and back; finning arm action on back. All skills are performed without instructor support  

kids swimming - charlie
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Preschool 3 Class Schedule

Sessions Months
Winter Session
February - March
BHS Pool
Spring Session
BHS Pool
Summer Session 1
June - July
City Pool
Summer Session 2
July City Pool
Class schedule is subject to change. Check the latest Activity Guide for specific class dates, times and registration dates.