Surveyor's Office

The County Surveyor is a valuable asset to your county. Your County Surveyor maintains files of old surveys as well as aerial photography and is a good source of survey data for local surveyors. They also have the following duties:
  • Maintains Bench Mark date files
  • Maintains cornerstones and witness posts
  • Maintains Section Corner date files - maps
  • Manages 2 budgets; Surveyor and Drainage Board
  • Member of County Plan Commission
  • Member of County Design Board
  • Member of MRBC (St. Mary’s River)
  • Member of St. Mary's Watershed Board
  • Member of UWRBC (Wabash River)
  • Perpetuates and maintains Section corners according to Indiana law (I,C 36-2-12-11)
  • Provides plat maps, topographical and aerial information upon request
  • Reviews private pond permits
  • Reviews subdivision, and commercial site development plans, storm water Management
  • Supervise office staff and Ditch Technicians
Adams County has 376 miles of Open ditches and 1340 miles of County Legal Tile, 121 watersheds of County budget and maintenance.

Please visit the Joint Drainage Board section for construction, reconstruction, and maintenance of all regulated drains or proposed regulated drains in the county.